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The Digital Panorama

July 13-August 5, 2006
Reception Thursday July 13, 7-9pm

Pete Jackson, Digital Infrared Photograph, 2005

With the advent of digital imaging a variety of new forms have taken shape around the long standing pursuit of the landscape and panoramic idioms. The manipulation, stitching, and overlay of multiple photographic images, the fanciful composite of images from disparate sources and the more purely computer generated 3D and illustrative work have had time to foster and mature in the hands of a wide array of artists and photographers. This exhibit includes work ranging from "straight" photographs whose end result depends on the digital darkroom, to wildly colorful and capricious work sometimes bearing a social commentary and always exhibiting a penchant for beauty and exploration in terms of visual pleasure.


Artists and Photographers Include:

Barbara Kossy
Pete Jackson
Ela Boyd
Andrea Blood & Zoe Sinclair
Michael Lennicx
Claire Waterhouse & Richard Wazejewski
Eunjung Hwang
Carolyn Macartney
Benjamin Fink






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