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Steve Balderson


September 13-October 6, 2018

Reception: Saturday, September 15, 6-9pm
Artwalk preview: Thursday, September 13, 7-9pm


Featruring the voices of:
Ron Jeremy, Margaret Cho, Susan Traylor. Edie McClurg, Pleasant Gehman. Jane Wiedlin. Tura Satana. Penn & Teller. Iris Berry. Josie Cotton. Jackie Beat & Mario Diaz

"I invited everyone I’ve admired, people I’ve worked with, and other artists, to call me up and answer the question "What is sexy?"  When I first started this project, I assumed people would say similar things, but I was amazed to discover that with the exception of a few, there was a complete variation of answers.  The other thing that surprised me about this experiment is that all the answers are full of honesty and realness. 

Most people are shy when it comes to opening up and discussing this very private thing, so hearing people be open about it is very absorbing.  PHONE SEX is a bit pop art mixed with NPR and a dash of naughtiness.  Part installation.  Part documentary.  Perfect for playing on the TV in the background (like one would a record) during a cocktail party, or fall housecleaning.  Or simply to find out what everyone thinks is the answer to that question! 

This film is intended for use in a variety of fashions.  One can simply take the journey by sitting down and watching it, but, I’d rather encourage people to treat it as something different." - Steve Balderson

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