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juried competition


April 10-May 8, 2008
Reception Thursday April 10 7-9pm

Winners Gallery

Congratulations to all of our entrants to the 'Top 40' LACDA Juried Competition. You have all made excellent contributions to the pioneering field of digital art and have made art history by participating in a new area of creativity and a new kind of competition. There were so many outstanding artists of all kinds from around the globe that it was very difficult to choose our winners. We endeavored to select winners that each represented the best of a variety of disciplines, cultures and geographical locations. We will continue to maintain a schedule of competitions in the future, so we encourage artists to enter again as it is likely that many will win in the future.

The winners are:

Jeff Alu
David Apikian
Andrew Buckland
Daniel Coburn
Daric Christian
Gregory Davis
Jason DeMarte
Steen Doessing
Sergio Fasola
Olga Gerrard
Catherine Gomersall
Allyson Haller
Amro Hamzawi
J. F. Heurtaux
Tama Hochbaum
S.K James
David Jenkins
Ville Kansanen
Laura I. Kansanen-Stavale
Marisa Keller
Byungkyu Kim
Dave Kimelberg
Mohir Lustig

Petr Petrusco Mengler
Peter Patchen
Franklynn Peterson
Chuck Quint
Lou Raizin
Shravan Rajagopal
Rocky Reasoner
Doug Ross
Patricia Rutter
Mark Millstein
Donna Mleziva
Alonzo Spann
Nina Todorovic
Francis Tsai
Claudio Vazquez
David Wicks
Charles Winslow
Evan Yovaisis

Our most sincere thanks to all for contributing to the success of digital art!