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Wally Gilbert

Dec 10, 2009-January 2, 2010
Reception Dec 10, 6-9pm
in conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk

"Four Faces"

Nobel Laureate Wally Gilbert, world renowned for his work as a scientist as well as an artist, began a new visual direction starting with a wall sized piece named the "Vanishing Diptych" which won a Mary Schein Award at the recent Cambridge Art Association show. Creating a series of abstractions that are each an ever more mysterious and complex variation on this initial image, he produced 18 works in this opus including a number of large scale prints to be on display for the LACDA exhibit.

The Vanishing Diptych was made by taking the silhouette of a head, converting it into an outline with a sharp outer edge and a diffuse inner edge, and then shrinking the image and superimposing it upon the original image repeatedly. The artist became interested in the textures that were produced by this process and turned many smaller areas of the original image into artworks in their own right.  This practice of overlapping images and differently colored layers produced interaction and Moiré patterns as well as a large variety of brilliant colors in a purely aesthetic exploration making for an energetic formalistic romp.

Each variation and layer thereof is an electronic 'close up' of that which was in the prior image. One gets the sense that this series reflects the influence his work as a microbiologist (and the continually deepening exploration of the layered realm of electronic imaging in his study of genetics) has had over his artwork.

Artist Photographer Wally Gilbert had a career as a Molecular Biologist.  Awarded a Nobel Prize in 1980 for discovering a rapid DNA sequencing method, he is now following a new passion in creating visual art.  He has had twenty-seven solo-exhibits, including an exhibit at the Massachusetts College of Art in 2004 and a major installation in both Warsaw and Lodz in 2007.




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