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The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in association with EZTV, the CyberSpace Gallery, the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and the SIGGRAPH Guerilla Studio presents:


July 31-Sept 3 2005
Sunday July 31, 8-10pm

Victor Acevedo
David Em
Kate Johnson
Tony Longson
Michael Masucci
Anneliese Varaldiev
Michael Wright

SYNAPSE  is a group exhibition of seven artists who made a difference by not only pursuing their personal aesthetics but because they operated in
such a way as to build bridges between art forms and art communities. 

SYNAPSE  highlights some of the key accomplishments of the last quarter-century in the development of the Southern California digital art scene. SYNAPSE presents the work of David Em and Tony Longson, two of the first artists anywhere to use computers in their art making process. Victor Acevedo and Michael Wright are two early practioners of PC based computer graphics for desktop printing and video. Michael Masucci and Kate Johnson are writers, filmmakers and musicians who were early adaptors of using desktop technology to create broadcast quality productions using sound, dialogue and visual art. Anneliese Varaldiev is a photographer and filmmaker who used early digital technology in her work.

All these artists are veterans of the seminal Los Angeles digital art community who gathered around EZTV, whose CyberSpace Gallery was clearly among the world’s first to dedicate itself to the advocacy and exhibition of computer-based art. At a time when most of the Los Angeles art world ignored the significance of the digital imaging revolution, these particular artists advanced a variety of ideas and aesthetic strategies that have since become prevalent. Each, in their own way, began to explore the then relatively uncharted computer assisted art-making territory. Many of these artists have been exhibited in museums, galleries, festivals and conferences, and are included in critical books, journals and periodicals concerning digital art.

SYNAPSE in the tradition of the Digilantes, those EZTV- affiliated artists who mounted a series of seminal computer art exhibitions throughout Southern
California in the 1990s and in conjunction with ACM/SIGGRAPH  2005, the 32nd International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques will be presented as a site-specific exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in downtown Los Angeles. SYNAPSE is part of the ACM/SIGGRAPH Conference outreach program as sponsored by the SIGGRAPH Guerilla Studio and SIGGRAPH 2005 Art Gallery.

SYNAPSE  is the 2nd installment of the traveling series "Hacking the Timeline" which attempts to inform and integrate into popular art history an appreciation and acknowledgment of digital art.

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SYNAPSE: the panel
The University of California Los Angeles Extension and Otis College of Art + Design in association with, the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and the SIGGRAPH Guerilla Studio present

Bridging the gap: Art, Artists, Technology and the Art establishment. This two and a half hour panel will be free to the general public and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference, Tuesday Aug 2, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm 


Panelists: David Em, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Jennifer Steinkamp, Michael Masucci,
Bruce Wands, Sue Gollifer, Tony Longson.

Moderators: Tom Leeser Art Durinski, Michael Wright