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Michael Salerno:
New Work

February 9-March 4, 2006
Opening Reception: Thursday February 9, 6-9pm

Michael Salerno, Full Spectrum 618, 2006, Archival Pigment on canvas, 36” x 60”

"The textures and colors of Salerno's pieces present countless layers of tiny, infinite universes in which viewers can get lost. Both abstract and sometimes hauntingly real, the pieces welcome
philosophical thought as well as walking meditation and a chance to merely space out. Whatever is read between the lines is for the beholder to discover -- a full spectrum of what can be imagined."

          --Stacey Wiebe, Critic

Over the last 25 years Michael Salerno has established himself as a Los
Angeles mainstay with his complex abstracts made of countless colorful
marks and swirls of paint. LACDA is excited to present new work that has
taken him into the digital realm. By reinterpreting his painting style
through his custom "recipe" of software processes his exploration of
texture, form, shape and color departs in a new direction made possible
by computer technology.

The resultant effect of an infinity of marks and colors, simultaneously
random and painstakingly precise, evokes space--both the macro and
micro in terms of subatomic or astronomical. In the artists words "When
you go into the subatomic aspect of things, there is something
connecting all matter."