e x h i b i t s

Tim Quinn

May 12-June 4
Reception Thursday May 12 7-9pm

Tim Quinn has had a long history as a nationally known Los Angeles
sculptor and algorist.  He has a long-standing love of recursion, which
over the years he has applied to various visual material to produce a
visually and conceptually stunning effect.  His recent work explores a randomized kaleidoscope effect that defies easy understanding. Applying his own AppleScript Photoshop code to scanned images of his "Sculpey" objects, he achieves a global flattening of 3D space that doesn't flatten locally. 

Quinn's Sculpey tile work ranges from recursive hexagon clusters to
more free-form configurations. The recursive type of tiles have so
many levels that their minute innermost elements require magnifying
glasses to be distinguishable.  Blowing up scans of such allows the viewer
to see these levels.  The artist subjects them to an iterative/recursive
collage algorithm that he calls "image unfolding."  Here he repeatedly
applies his image-building algorithm to a piece of image hand-selected from the previous instance of the process. 

Although Quinn is a known algorist (see the Algorists website <http://hebert.kitp.ucsb.edu/studio/algorists.html>) his work is no mere science demonstration.  He adds to algorithms the twist and enchantment of art.  He doesn't let the algorithm take over completely, intervening at key points in the generation to exercise human artistic judgment.