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Frank Varela

October 9-30
Opening Reception
Saturday October 9  7-10pm

Frank Varela was born to a family of Cuban political exiles, and as a Cuban-American he realized early on that he did not neatly fit in to either culture. Because he was caught between the two he obtained the unique perspective of observing life as an "outsider" looking in to cultures he simultaniously "belonged" to. This provided both a viewpoint and subject for his artwork. Concurrently, his family's constant use of metaphor in their day to day conversations added to his ability to think in pictures, helping him create a visual language. CONCEPTiCONS is the end result, which reveals new interpretations of vernacular concepts by expressing them in an iconic form.


About the artist:
Frank Varela is a graphic designer and a native to Los Angeles. For the last twelve years, he has designed for the entertainment industry and has art directed and designed for properties such as The X-Files and ER. Logo design is one of Frank's great passions and many of his logo designs and symbols have appeared in various graphic design books and publications. CONCEPTiCONS has been an ongoing project for the last eight years, and to date, the project has taken the form of a book, website (www.concepticons.net), and this show at LACDA.