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Benjamin Pezzillo
"Nocturnal Emissions"

August 10-September 2, 2006
Reception Thursday August 10, 7-9pm


Deadpan photography endeavors an absence of hyberbole. Instead, it presents a formal and objective gaze for the viewer to command from the expansive nature and scale of the cool, detached and keenly sharp photographs.

It has only been through the megapixel revolution of the last two years that deadpan images have been able to be produced from digital cameras. What once required me- dium or large format film cameras and massive darkroom printing logistics can now be achieved with 8 or more megapixels and a large-format giclee printer. Thus the economic accessibility of this art photography genre sets the stage for a potential rapid-expansion of subject matter from emerging art photographers engaging the medium. This series of nocturnal urbanscapes only intends to show a pause on the subject which mediates the energy and character of the place portrayed.

Through long exposures, high-dynamic range imaging, strobe lighting and in-camera light painting, the images convey an atmosphere unseen by the human eye -- where people are only a temporary presence among the structures they have created.

Benjamin Pezzillo
Los Angeles, California
July 2006




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