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Hans Bauer

December 9-31, 2004
Reception Thursday December 9, 7-9pm

One of the major trends among many in digital art is the appearance of
work that represents a "throw-back" to earlier historical styles.
Spanning multiple cultures and an array of eras, this kind of work has
been popping up internationally and shows much promise in the refinement
of digital techniques. As well it offers new ways to look at social
consciousness and personal narrative with work that takes on much
beauty in its form. This move makes a reversal on the very electronic
looking "cybernetic" art seen in the 1990s, much of which made a cogent
theoretical exploration of the relationship between humanity and
technology that continues to be examined to this day.

Austrian born HANS BAUER makes his entrance to this scene with a
powerful and sensuous series of digital "photo based art" in its
premiere exhibit at LACDA.  Bauer's work is heavily informed by the
outspoken feminist writer Camille Paglia's distinction between the
Vegetable and Crystalline Aphrodite (the very real difference between
" female" and "feminine" archetypes). The darkly vivid and highly posed
images ensconced in ornate guilded frames have the look of 19th century
high academic painting (Jean-Leon Gerome), and remind us of an "old
school" collection displayed in a European museum.









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