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Wally Gilbert

"New Work"

November 8-December 1, 2012
Reception Thursday November 8, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce
"Quad 2"                                                                          © 2012 Wally Gilbert


Wally Gilbert explores several new lines in this latest exhibit at LACDA.  He shows black and white images, where the whole feeling is in shapes and in the effects of light.  While most of these are pure photographic images, converted to a grayscale continuum, some of the images are solarized in the computer, to produce overlapping structures in both negative  and positive space.  These images are printed directly on Aluminum metal sheets, which emphasizes the contrast between light and dark.

As well, the artist shows digital images that lend themselves to a severe enhancement in color space.  By driving all the pixels to full color saturation, he creates a striking image that looses some of the photographic clarity but achieves a "painterly" quality.  By presenting these images on an LED light-frame, he creates jewel-like effects that light up the room.

The exhibit also includes large images on paper from a recent series of abstractions in color made based on a well-known optical illusion.  These pictures were created by interacting the basic image with itself, slightly moved in register, and set in different colors.  The artist has created patterns in color contrasts that often swell from the paper and move out from the picture plane.  In still other combinations of the underlying image, he has produced floating images or flat, abstract patterns.

Gilbert has also begun to explore abstract videos.  In this show he projects video loops from several series of moving circular images seen in an ever-changing perspective, the "Ovals" series. Several screen shots from these series are available on paper, as are also DVDs of the videos.












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