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Tim Quinn

"The All New X-100"

October 10-November 30, 2013
Reception Thursday October 10, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce
                                                                        © 2013 Tim Quinn


Art & Pixel Laboratories, in conjunction with Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, presents a suite of new video loops by master algorist Tim Quinn. Entitled "The All New X-100," the suite comprises four instantiations. Mr. Quinn says, "The series highlights the tease between digital media and our passion for collecting objects."

The virtual object gives the mass audience an opportunity to own fine art, but at the same time destroys the inherent elite appeal of a one-of-a-kind or limited-run work of art or craft.

Are luxurious materials still desirable in a fake universe? Does art still hold interest if all you can do is look at it? Does art in such a condition require a new contract between the artist and the consumer?

Regarding algorithmic art, Mr. Quinn has said, "An algorithm is nothing more than a tool. To use algorithms to effectively connect with audiences, the artist must develop skill and empathy. You can build a piano, but then you have to learn to play it."


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