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Tiffany Trenda
"Body Code"

LACDA Tenth Anniversary Exhibit

March 13-April 6, 2014
Reception March 13, 7-9pm

Rex Bruce
Tiffany Trenda       Proximity Cinéma Performance Print at the Black Forest in Germany      2013
Photo taken by Xárene Eskandar


Body Code - Artist Statement

My performances and installations explore the qualities of human flesh as represented in media. My work utilizes screen and imaging technologies, such as LCDs and video projections, to create a digital environment with an embodied performance. With these constituents, I make my identity interchangeable by amalgamating screens with my body. How far can we push the visceral qualities of the body until it becomes unrecognizable?

In my body of work I become the digitized version of the human body and my actions are replicating that of a computer. The viewer is physically and visually immersed in the process of how the psyche evolves to relate to the screen (LCD, television, cinema, or a computer). We are not only dealing with issues of machine-implemented bodies but our identities and our human connection is through this notion of the screen. In my practice, I question the authenticity of this relationship as being a perpetual state of hyperrealism. As technological objects continually become a part of our daily lives, we relate to these devices as if they are part of our skin. This will change how we see others and ourselves with the assemblage of the human body with new technology.

Tiffany Trenda















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