e x h i b i t s

Global Access

July 7-28
Reception July 7,  7-10pm

An International overview of artists exploring the exciting possibilities in working with digital technologies. Works include examples of digital photography, manipulated images, photocollage, 3D generated art, digital paint, and digital video. Art is represented from as far as Isreal, Japan, Portugal, and the United Kingdom crossing a wide variety of cultures and aesthetic approaches.


Artists include:

Pascual Sisto
Kathleen Sweeney
John Adamczyk
Audri Phillips
Danna Kinskey
David E. Stone
Andy Lomas
Benjamin Pezzillo
Katrina Rhein
LiQin Tan
Claire and Richard Waterhouse-Wazejewski
Chip Simone
Lorraine Walsh
Chico Vonspoon
Yoshiaki Murakami
Daniel Skramesto
Kathryn Nobbe