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Ole Tersløse

"h u m a n - n a t u r e"


February 7-March 2, 2013
Reception Thursday February 14, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce


Ole Tersløse graduated as a painter from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 and has worked increasingly with computer manipulated photography and visualization in 3D computer programs ever since. He has participated in group exhibitions in Scandinavia, Paris and U.S.A.

At LACDA Ole Tersløse exhibits the series "Human-Nature," a gallery of large inkjet prints with a leading motif of Man's efforts at communicating with Animals. A young man tries to interpret a message on a snake skin. An athletic version of Albert Einstein struggles with a sea turtle, forcing one of his famous formulas down its throat.

Most of the visual components in Ole Tersløse's works are made from scratch in the same computer programs used in creating special effects for films such as Lord of the Rings and Avatar. The artist presents a "Model World" that may seem realistic from a distance, but when examined closely appears fabricated.

Concept and technique go hand in hand in Ole Tersløse's works. Illusion inducing computer programs are Ole Tersløse's laboratory where he creates digital Model Worlds, knowing full well that the models refer to a shared perception of reality which is not necessarily founded in any absolute truth about the world. If definitive insight into reality is impossible as all realizations are prey to misinterpretations, then the images we create of the world can never be truthful.







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