2014 Juried Competition
Nancy Meyer, LACMA
Max Presneill, Torrence Art Museum







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Melissa Lambert
"Convergent Evolutions"

September 11-November 22, 2014
Reception September 11, 7-9pm

In conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk


Rex Bruce
© 2014 Melissa Lambert

Convergent Evolutions of Art and Science

We’ve evolved from a world-view containing closed systems and boundaries, reflective of a reductive dualism/linearity and imposing a contiguous range of naturally occurring phenomena. New intersections between art and science manifest as serendipitous resonance between artists and scientists exploring complex systems.

Holonomic brain theory, quantum physics, chaos theory, the butterfly effect, etc. have come to show the implicate order, exploring the concept that space and time are no longer dominant factors in determining relationships. As each element in a hologram contains information about the whole, and the whole contains information about each piece, our mutual reality is influenced by and a visual exploration of these fascinating concepts.

—Melissa Lambert


















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