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Linda Alterwitz
"While I am Still"

In conjunction with the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

July 10-August 30, 2014
Reception July 10, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce


By combining the visual languages of art and science, Alterwitz creates dreamscapes of the invisible body. Through medical traces of visual information, the artist taps into an emotional vein.

Alterwitz chooses elements that originate as medical imagery, given to her by friends, family members and as private donations to use for the project “While I Am Still.” The images, selected for both their visual and scientific value, are revisited with alternate imaging cameras. Combined with the artist’s personal experience and technical explorations, the resulting works reveal information attained from the human bodies that is not visible without the aid of cutting edge technology.

“While I Am Still” challenges the viewer to explore a disquieting escape of the mind amidst challenging times in one’s life. Literally, this “escape of the mind” could refer to the physical body's subjugation of testing inside a medical imaging machine, or in a less literal sense, it could reflect physical or emotional turmoil. In these photographs, Alterwitz weaves together images of the human body derived from re-purposed medical imaging with images of landscapes and fabrics, revealing ethereal figures in a raw and vulnerable state. The mind, wrestling with sadness, fear, and hope, retreats to a safe refuge. Through these photographic pieces, Alterwitz brings insight and awareness to the struggles and the resulting withdrawal of the inner mind.
















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