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Julia Morgan-Leamon

"Gestures of Time"


Featured Video Artist

February 7-March 23, 2013
Reception Thursday February 14, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce


Julia Morgan-Leamon's work examines filters of language, media, and cultural representations through a variety of media, including drawing, painting, installation, and video. She is particularly interested in the hidden aspects of experience whether it is an everyday gesture unnoticed because of its ordinariness or an unquestioned assumption that hides within the folds of normalization.

"I am intrigued by the gestures of daily experience, ordinary and otherwise, that arise poignant, unannounced, and unbeckoned. Each singular gesture begins with an impulse—biological, emotional or mechanical—that initiates a trajectory, a trajectory that is instantly affected by the trajectory of other gestures. It is this fluid choreography, a series of gestures forever in motion, which moves me to make art about the interchange between time, memory, and experience."

Through evoking memory, tactile experience and imagination in the viewer, she intends the artistic process to carry on as its own sequence of gestures. As such, art as becomes more event than object.

Julia Morgan-Leamon is an artist and media producer from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts.



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