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J.T. Burke

"Beautiful Again "

May 10-30 , 2012
Reception: Thursday May 10, 7-9pm



In the Artist's Words:

"My compositions reflect interests in unique items from the physical world and notions that are dear to Man’s soul. I use collected objects to create fantastical compositions that represent intangible human desires and philosophies.

Having worked for many years as a commercial photographer, I now appreciate the spontaneity and inward focus of creating art. Coupling my photographic and digital manipulation skills I develop a fresh and thoughtful approach to each composition. Each piece contains color, light and figure that are all generated by the energy of thousands of small images. The result is ornate and exuberant, and tells tales of life forces unbounded by reality.

Each composition that I create begins with objects that I have collected. Although I use photography as a tool I am no longer a photographer. Instead, I work with a painterly technique to create interesting and thoughtful images. Though I usually have a concept in mind when I begin a new piece I rarely work from a tight layout, but instead prefer to draw on my intuition and serendipity.

My compositions are influenced by a variety of artists and mediums, including Hokusai, Charles Burchfield, Kandinsky, Hieronymus Bosch, contemporary pop surrealists, medieval illuminations, Persian miniatures and even Dr. Seuss.

Beautiful Again explores the human obsession with the concept of paradise. This series expresses a personal vision of paradise made with costume jewelry; Man-made objects of beauty as a metaphor for paradise – the ultimate Man-made thing of beauty."






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