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"Waste in Time"

Nancy Meyer, Curator — LACMA, Walker Art Center
Rex Bruce, Curator —  L.A. Center for Digital Art, Artists Television Access

September 8-October 1, 2016
Reception: Saturday, September 10, 6-9pm



"Waste In Time" represents Haiti, and its desperate struggle to lift itself from the depths of misery and corruption that has plagued the country - by far the most corrupt in the Caribbean - for decades. The vast landfill is owned by the government and situated directly above the Plain Cul-De-Sac aquifer - the same water that provides drinking water for the poorest neighborhoods of Port-Au-Prince. For me, this neglect by the Haitian government motivated my need to tell this story.

There are around 2,000 people who make up this "dump community". They do not have medical help or clean water to wash in. There are mountains of dioxin-smoking waste that grow daily only yards from where families live in rough tin shacks. Despite growing health issues related to the toxins being carelessly dumped, none of the solid waste disposal companies contracted by the government provide their workers with anything more plastic gloves.

These images exhibit extreme finesse in the use of high resolution digital cameras and processing large files in the digital darkroom. Not only do the masterfully articulated photographs serve as an expression of the conditions in Haiti, they also reflect global conditions of our time, where economic and governmental carelessness create an unhealthy and dehumanizing planet for all of us.



















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