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Gary Borgstedt

"This is not a Painting: Photographic Abstractions"

October 10- November 2, 2019

Reception : Saturday, October 12,  6-9pm
ArtWalk Preview: Thursday, October 10, 7-9pm


Gary Borgstedt laughs when he recalls the time when a boyfriend, during a messy breakup, told him that he (Gary) was autistic.  Decades later another boyfriend, during yet another breakup, accused Gary of having ADD. Gary admits that he has always been sort of a “space cadet” and that his head is often in the clouds.  This is especially true when he is working on his art.

Gary crafts his abstractions in his studio by arranging pieces of fabric on his work table and studio wall and then photographing them.  No canvas, no painting, no paper, no drawing. Just strategically-placed pieces of fabric and camera manipulations. He transforms his literal subject matter from something that is unequivocally “what it is” into something that is completely open to interpretation.  His viewers are encouraged to suspend reality and engage with the ambiguity… to dream.


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