2014 Juried Competition
Nancy Meyer, LACMA
Max Presneill, Torrence Art Museum







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Denis Gillingwater

October 9-November 29, 2014
Reception October 9, 7-9pm

In conjunction with the Downtown Art Walk


Rex Bruce
"Anonymous 3" © 2014 Denis Gillingwater


The photographs of Denis Gillingwater were accessed via unidentified internet apps on an iPad from international surveillance cameras. There are numerous and various types resourced. Traffic, weather, security, governmental, construction, and educational cams make for a partial listing. Many of the cameras have pan/tilt capabilities allowing for an “outsider’s” control. The iPad is placed in a black box, the images are photographed with a Power Shot camera, and then downloaded into a MacBook Pro for alteration. The approach is initially collaborative, but the artist has no idea as to who he is in collaboration with.

Night time surveillance imagery can be very evocative. Their quality and resolution are often blurred and loaded with “digital noise”. These characteristics are embraced by the artist both visually and conceptually. For him, they reference some of the earliest “unsophisticated” photographic processes associated with heliographs and daguerreotypes. Thus, his photographs have expressive qualities not often seen in contemporary digital photography.

The images are most often derived from the urban architectural realm and, at times, with technologically oriented structures within them. The selection process and rendering approaches address the urban context in its glittery and/or grittier associations. The pictorial element’s sense of scale and weight are intentionally understated by using lower density inkjet printing techniques. The artist finds all these contradictions engaging and serve as metaphors regarding the precariousness of the human condition no matter how “technologically advanced” we become.


"Dubai" © 2014 Denis Gillingwater


"Serbia" © 2014 Denis Gillingwater



















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