2014 Juried Competition
Nancy Meyer, LACMA
Max Presneill, Torrence Art Museum







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Deborah Cornell
"In the Space We Left Vacant"

In conjunction with the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles

July 10-August 30, 2014
Reception July 10, 7-9pm


Rex Bruce
"Outbreak" Vector Archival pigment print on paper 50 x 42”

In the Space We Left Vacant references the surprising spaces just beyond our immediate attention – the interactions that flash across incidental spaces around otherwise finite, occupied places, in the interstices between perceivable, quantifiable events. As prevailing environmental and cultural issues coalesce into the specifics of political or biological observations, these spaces are created at the permeable edge, in places where more solid boundaries might be expected to occur, suggesting unexpected crossovers and repercussions.

Cornell’s large spaces form around measurable occurrences - diagrams of worldwide airflows, digital pixilation, the patterns of cultural expression - which configure together in strange and unexpected ways. Her work incorporates genetic issues and climatic diagramming, convolution techniques, biological boundaries, and cultural experience such as language, cluster patterns, and migratory histories – especially as influenced by technology and recent research – and creates spaces that surround our own specificity.  Such configurations become understood as human perceptions that express awareness of our time and situation.

For this exhibition, Cornell’s digital prints from the series “Overlay” on layered transparent film and paper – will be shown along with a screening of the video Tracer, an animated, collaborative work that was originally created for and generated in a 3D navigated space. Tracer synchronized active real-time participation with the organized encounter of ancient archeological images, historical texts, astronomy, landforms, and proto-literate markings, conflating time, place and extended linear travel with human intellectual history. Tracer's aesthetics are of human gesture, communication, time and transience. The sound was generated as an acoustic performance of a score by Richard Cornell, commissioned and performed live with this video by Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pitman Director.


Deborah Cornel lives and works in Boston and is Chair of Printmaking, School of Visual Arts at Boston University.


















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