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Deborah Cornell :
Biogems, Species Boundaries, and Games of Chance

September 8-30, 2011
Reception Thursday September 8, 7-9pm
In conjunction with the downtown art walk



Through technological research, reality is being revealed as far more complex than anything we can invent or imagine, and it invites renewed speculation on the human position. Human agency, in such forms as genetics and research, has also become a new and powerful force at environmental levels, changing our fundamental assumptions about what we perceive as real.

Printmaking, with its a history of the communicative image and the multiple, is transforming with the dynamic of digital processes. Its new forms can even be seen as a mindset, based in the transient digital iteration, the remotely transmitted image, and the colonized cultural space. In the process of creation, digital prints move from light and mathematics to the tactile, fragile, familiar surface of paper.

Deborah Cornell's work is motivated by the wonderful exactness of living forms. She is drawn to the unfolding schema of changing reality, and the way its shimmering images become refracted in human culture. Of the diverse cultural influences that condition our view, one widespread influence that interests her deeply is the vision of science and technology, with its questions on the nature of the real. The series Biogems, Species Boundaries, and Games of Chance reflect differing aspects of human and technological interference, speculation, and hope.


Deborah Cornell is the Chair of Printmaking at Boston University College of Fine Arts. Her works in printmaking and multimedia installation are shown internationally, with recent solo shows in Buenos Aires, Venice, Iceland, and St. Petersburg Russia, as well as in New York and Boston. Group exhibitions include Photo Image: Prints from 60s to 90s at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 6th Biennial at A.I.R. Gallery New York, 5th Novosibirsk Biennial, Global Matrix at the Northern Illinois University Museum, Potenti Imprezioni in Washington DC, Unexpected Consequences at Madison WI, and exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cuba, the UK, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, and across Europe.







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