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Abe King

"Blissful Catastrophe of RGB
an Investigation into the Excess of Techne"

August 8 - 31, 2019
Reception : Saturday, August 10, 6 -9pm

ArtWalk Preview: Thursday, August 8, 7-9pm


New media artist, Abe King, works with experimental music, video, electronics, software, and kinetic sculpture. His projects explore entropy, and the intersections between the real and the representation, diversifying in vocal performances, cinematic strategies, public engagement, and schematic installations. He graduated with his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University California San Diego studying under Amy Alexander and Ricardo Dominguez and graduated with his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Washington, studying under Shawn Brixey and Juan Pampin. His work has been shown internationally at festivals including the Matera Intermedia Festival, Toronto Electro-Acoustic Symposium, and the New York City Electro-Acoustic Music Festival, and locally at galleries such as Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and La Jolla Historical Society.


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