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AEneas MacRae

July 9- August 29, 2015
Reception: Saturday, July 11, 6-9pm

Art Walk preview July 9, 7-9pm


In the artist's words:

The reflective study of the essence of consciousness as experienced from the first person point of view is known as Phenomenology.

An important element in Phenomenology analysis is intentionality or often described as "aboutness", the notion that consciousness is always consciousness of something.

When we see something, we always see it as something and project a certain set of expectation upon it; expectation which we then fulfilled or explored in subsequent perception. Objective thought is unaware of the subject of perception and instead presents the world as already made.

My work is based in the intuitive sense of what it means to exist and the very meaning of the Being in the Phenomenological sense. Being in the world, we are fundamentally familiar with the world and our surroundings and this familiarity is a constant feature and experience to us, although Being is not constantly aware of it.

Placing together radically different images and presenting them as one work opens space to interpretation between the different images as well a reflection on the very nature of time. There are numerous paradoxes associated with attempts to understand time. For example how can the past and future be when the past is no longer and the future is not yet, and without these, how can there be a time such as the present, since the "present" requires the existence of a past and a future?

Philosopher Martin Heidegger claimed World is never an object that stands before us and can be seen. World is the ever non-objective to which we are subject as long as the paths of birth and death, blessing and curse, keep us transported into Being. He describes this World as being the ever-changing.



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