Read below instructions—your name on file name!

For SNAP TO GRID one jpeg up to 5mb each.
One $35 entry fee for each image, multiple registered entries allowed.


Format file name with artist name, underscores for spaces, followed by .jpg extension: your_name1.jpg     your_name2.jpg   your_name3.jpg
 Kate_Smith4.jpg      Joseph_R._Jones5.jpg    Jill_Jones6.jpg

If you make an error thats ok!
please upload again with your corrections



The below does not apply to competition / snap to grid uploads!
All other (print and exhibitor) uploads:

For large format prints
represented or salon artists:
for print indicate in file name luster, gloss, or semimatte
any jpeg, no size limit.
Your_Name_Typeofpaper.jpg     Jill_Smith_Luster.jpg

For video, .mov or mp4 files only.    John_Jones.mp4


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